Submission Call: Analog Science Fiction and Fact want stories, poetry, and articles Submit anytime; pays 6–10¢/word for fiction and $1/line for poetry

Analog Science Fiction and Fact publishes short stories, serials and poetry, as well as factual articles about scientific and technological developments that have the potential to shape the future. The editors write:

Analog will consider material submitted by any writer solely on the basis of merit. We are eager to find and develop new, capable writers.

We have no hard-and-fast editorial guidelines, because science fiction is such a broad field that I don’t want to inhibit a new writer’s thinking by imposing Thou Shalt Nots. Besides, a great story can make an editor swallow his preconceived taboos.

We publish science fiction stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is so integral to the plot that, if that aspect were removed, the story would collapse. Try to picture Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein without the science and you’ll see what I mean. No story!

The science can be physical, sociological, psychological. The technology can be anything from electronic engineering to biogenetic engineering. But the stories must be strong and realistic, with believable people (who needn’t be human) doing believable things–no matter how fantastic the background might be.

Submitting to Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Publication: Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  • Publisher: Dell Magazines
  • Publication type: periodical
  • Word Count: Short fiction up to approximately 20,000 words, serials 40,000-80,000 words, about 4,000 words for fact articles, up to 6 poems
  • Payment: 8-10¢/word for short fiction, 6¢/word for serials, , 9¢/word for fact articles, $1/line for poetry
  • Rights: “First English Language serial rights plus certain non-exclusive rights explained in our contract.”
  • Format: Standard manuscript format in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format
  • Deadline: Submit anytime
  • Response time: 2–3 months
  • Will they take simultaneous submissions? No.
  • Will they take multiple submissions? No, except for poetry—submit up to 6 poems at one time in a single submission. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? No.

Find more details at Writer’s Guidelines – Contact Us | Analog Science Fiction, and don’t forget to tell them you found their submission call here!

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