Call for Submissions: Cthulu mythos stories in a university setting | Due June 30 - (Expired)

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Broken Eye Books is looking for short stories (3,000-6,000 words) and flash fiction (1,000 words or less) set at the fictional Miskatonic University, a “hotbed for the weird and wonderful.” And by “weird,” they don’t just mean kids who walk around in beer hats. They mean Cthulu mythos kind of weird. Ancient alien gods, bizarre happenings, horrors that force readers to stare into the face of our cosmic insignificance.

Stories should take place in the modern era. They would like to see diversity among authors and characters.

Pays 8¢ a word for original, previously unpublished stories and first rights to digital, audio, and print formats in English. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but notify them if your piece is accepted elsewhere. One submission per author.

From the original call:

Resilient and forward thinking, few institutions can weather the times and adapt like good ol’ [Miskatonic University]. It’s a strange brew of conservatively reaching into the past while progressively marching forward. And it’s a hotbed for the weird and the wonderful!

So what might a modern MU look like? What might student life be like today? These tales combine college life and the cosmic weird. Of course, there’s beer, sex, and parties; study groups and all-night cramming; campus activism and impassioned discourse; vital research and faculty struggling for tenure. But also, you know, gruesome and psychedelic cosmic weirdness.

What avenues of study has the university sanctioned either publicly or privately? Where are they getting so much funding? The university’s been around the block and are at the bleeding edge of certain realms of research. Occult studies have seeped, seemingly innocuously, into various branches of nearly all academic departments and inform everything from quantum physics to computer science, sociology to modern American literature. …

We want weird fiction set in a modern-day Miskatonic University. Stories should be set within or be inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. We want to see the Mythos continue to grow and evolve, to expand as a shared literary world and not be tied to outdated and limiting sensibilities. We are not interested in stories with bigoted views on race and gender. …

The published anthology will be a mix of stories both from invited authors and from slush pile submissions. Don’t self-reject. If in doubt, submit.


We’re trying to present a living, breathing setting for MU. There’s no requirement or even request for any coordination of story details. We just ask that you avoid the more world-ending (or even university-ending) plots. Sure, people will die, just as new faculty is hired and new students fill empty seats. Buildings will crumble or disappear into wormholes, but there is always new construction. Monsters will come and go, sometimes with fanfare and sometimes not; some even stick around as lab specimens, secret pets, lazing in the sewers, or disguised as faculty. But above all, Miskatonic University persists.

Find a lot more details and submission specs at Submissions – Broken Eye Books.

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