Submission Call: Erotica inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, due Feb. 15, pays $25–$50 - (Expired)

Circlet Press, the world’s leading publisher of erotica for geeks, is planning a themed anthology of short erotic stories inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe:

Murder. Revenge. Madness. These are the hallmarks of Edgar Allan Poe’s fiction. But so are love, longing, and loss. It may seem strange, at first blush, to compile a collection of erotica inspired by Poe’s work. Much of his writing explores themes of death and isolation. But gothic fiction has long been ripe ground for examining human sexuality and Poe’s work in particular is overdue for just such an agitation.

The call notes that Poe was not only a pioneer of the horror genre, but also sci-fi and detective fiction. Stories can take place in any time period and can fall within any speculative fiction genre as long as the story is erotic and inspired by Poe’s oeuvre.

All gender pairings will be considered, and sex should take place between consenting adults.

  • Publisher: Circlet Press
  • Publication type: Anthology
  • Word count: 2,000–8,000 words (3,000–7,000 preferred)
  • Payment: $25 for publication in ebook, another $25 if a print edition is also made
  • Deadline: Feb. 15, 2018
  • Format: Standard manuscript format in Microsoft Word, preferably .doc format, or Rich Text Format
  • Will they take simultaneous or multiple submissions? No. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? No.

Need to brush up on your Poe? You can find most of Poe’s work online. Here are some good places to start:

  •—Just what it says on the tin. Also includes Poe’s poetry, biography, and miscellaneous quotes
  • Project Gutenberg—Project Gutenberg archives public domain books online. Read its Edgar Allan Poe selections online, or download them to read on your phone, tablet or ereader.
  • Edgar Allan Poe collection on—Librivox is the Project Gutenberg of audiobooks. Volunteers find books that are in the public domain and record themselves reading them. On the date I wrote this post, Librivox had 272 Edgar Allan Poe audiobooks in its collection, including translations in Russian and Spanish.

Find all the submission details at CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: EROTIC STORIES INSPIRED BY EDGAR ALLAN POE | Circlet Press.

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