Submission Call: Future Visions seek speculative fiction Pays $150, no deadline

Future Visions seeks speculative fiction “[i]n the tradition of great television anthology series such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. They are a new publisher that plans to publish on a quarterly basis. They accept submissions on an ongoing basis.

Publiser Brian J. Walton writes:

Rather than mandating a theme for each publication (one publication for cyborgs, one for time travelers, etc…), I want authors to feel free to explore these larger questions using any and all of the popular science fiction tropes: new technology, exploration, nightmarish dystopians, alien species, baffling utopias, the list goes on…

Here’s their diversity statement:

The Future Visions Anthologies seeks to bring diversity to all aspects of their publications, from the stories and authors we publish, to the themes and genres we explore. All authors may apply regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.

Submitting to Future Visions

  • Publisher: Future Visions/Camton House Publishing
  • Publication type: Anthology (ebook)
  • Word count: 2,000–7,000 words
  • Payment: Royalty share or at least $150, whichever is greater
  • Rights the publisher asks for: exclusive rights for six months while the ebook is on Kindle Unlimited; for the next six months, authors will have the right to publish in other markets, except Kindle Unlimited. “After one year, the ebook will be unpublished, returning all rights to the author.”
  • Deadline: no deadline
  • Response time: 4–6 weeks after submission
  • Format: “12pt Times New Roman font with 1.5-line spacing; 1-inch margins on all sides; no extra spaces between paragraphs; leading indentations, but no tabs”
  • Will they take simultaneous or multiple submissions? Not specified. However, if they reject your story before the end of the reading period, you may submit one more.  Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? No.

Find more details at For Authors | Future Visions, and don’t forget to tell them you learned about their call here!


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