Submission Call: MYTHIC wants sci fi and fantasy - (Expired) Pays 1¢/word; submission period Dec. 1–Feb. 1

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MYTHIC, a publication for original sci-fi and fantasy stories, is open for submissions December 1, 2018–February 1, 2019. Works should be 2,000–6,000 words. The editors write:

Science fiction and fantasy have been put into boxes in recent times by standard tropes, conventions, settings, and so on. We at MYTHIC want to be a place where under-represented visions in science fiction and fantasy can once more be explored. We want wider, more diverse views of the future and realms of the fantastic that don’t necessarily involve quasi-medieval settings.

Does this mean we aren’t interested in more traditional tales? Not at all. Bring us your space operas, your sword & sorcery, your lost world adventures, swashbuckling adventures in mystical lands, or throwback stories that hearken to the rip-roaring yarns of the old pulp fiction days. Surprise us.

Submitting speculative fiction to Mythic

  • Publication: Mythic
  • Publication type: online magazine
  • Word Count: 2,000–6,000 words
  • Submission period: December 1, 2018–February 1, 2019
  • Payment: 1¢/word on publication and a copy of the issue in which the story appears
  • Rights: First World English Rights. Following an exclusivity period, all other rights revert to the author. MYTHIC retains a nonexclusive right to keep stories in the issue they appear for as long as the issue remains in print.
  • Format: Standard manuscript format in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format
  • Will they accept simultaneous or multiple submissions? No. Read more about simultaneous and multiple submissions.
  • Will they accept reprints? No.
  • Questions? Use the contact form on their site. (Currently its in the right sidebar.)

Get complete submission guidelines at MYTHIC: Submissions.

MYTHIC, a publication for original sci-fi and fantasy stories, is open for submissions Dec. 1–Feb. 1. Works should be 2,000–6,000 words. Click To Tweet

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  1. Just a submission question. If a story is chosen to be published, is the author allowed to promote the story and or the issue on their facebook and other sites? Also what is the standard exclusivity time?

    • I’m not associated with Mythic, so I can’t answer those questions. If you follow the “for more details) link in the post, you can find info on who to contact.

      That said, most publications welcome it when authors want to promote the publication.

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