Submission call: New Myths Publishing wants sci-fi and fantasy shorts stories and poetry Submissions open Jan. 1–Feb. 28, pays 1.5¢/word

New Myths Publishing wants speculative short stories and poems for its quarterly issues and an upcoming anthology. The editors write:

New Myths is planning to publish our second Best of New Myths Anthology in 2019. Volume 2, TWILIGHT WORLDS, will be a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories and poems chronicling the end of an age or the dawn of a new.

We will be searching through our archives for our favorite end-times or new beginnings stories and poems to reprint in TWILIGHT WORLDS.

In addition, we will consider new submissions inspired by this theme sent to us during our January and February reading period. Those selected for our March and June issues will be voted on by you, our readers, for two Reader’s Choice awards and will be featured in our anthology. …

We like to balance each quarterly issue between science fiction and fantasy, dark and light, serious and humorous, hard and soft science, and longer and shorter works. Our readers are not fixated on a single style or tone or genre, but prefer a quality sample of the field. Think a combo plate of appetizers rather than a whole lot of popcorn.

Submitting to New Myths

  • Publisher: New Myths Publishing
  • Publication: New Myths
  • Publication type: periodical, anthology, online
  • Editor: Scott T. Barnes and Susan Shell Winston
  • Word count: up to 10,000 words
  • Payment: 1.5¢/word
  • Rights the publisher asks for: First rights, “non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right and license to digitally archive and display the content (aka Digital Archive Rights). In the case that we later desire to include your content in any other format (e.g. print, anthology, etc.), those rights will be separately negotiated at that time”
  • Submission period: Jan. 1–Feb. 28
  • Publication date: March or June 2019
  • Response time: 60–90 days
  • Format: Not specified. Standard manuscript format in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format is probably a good bet.
  • Will they take simultaneous submissions? Yes.
  • Will they take multiple submissions? Not specified. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? No.
  • Who to contact with questions:
New Myths Publishing wants sci-fi and fantasy stories and poems for its quarterly issues and an upcoming anthology. Due Feb. 28; pays 1.5¢/word. Click To Tweet

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