Submission call: Nobilis Erotica wants erotic speculative fiction for its podcast Pays $25/story, no deadline

Nobilis Reed just emailed me to let me know he needs more erotic short fiction for the Nobilis Erotica podcast, a biweekly podcast dedicated to erotic speculative fiction and “the most prolific erotica podcast in the known universe.”

Stories can be original or previously published, but should not have been previously made into a podcast and you must have audio rights. (Check your contracts; some publishers acquire audio rights in their standard contract and maintain them even if they don’t publish your work in audiobook or podcast forum, which means you would not be able to sell to this podcast.)

Any pairing, any speculative fiction genre: fantasy, sci fi, magical realism, paranormal horror, weird, et cetera. But they don’t record stories that are nearly specfic-adjacent— stories about playing Dungeons and Dragons going to a Con, for example, unless something impossible in our contemporary world happens in that setting.

Nobilis is looking for your best, most delectable and utterly sexy speculative fiction erotica stories. We’re looking for robots that turn you on, dragons that might want to do things with the princess other than devour her, and what happens when the lights go out in every sense of the word (possibly with a tentacle or three). Take off the corsets and uniforms and have some fun. We welcome LGBTQ+ stories.

We’re looking for stories that are both good speculative fiction and good erotica—are you up for the challenge? If not sure, listen to the podcast to find out what we like—free of charge.

You can listen to the podcast on Libsyn or iTunes.

Submitting to Nobilis Erotica

  • Publication: Nobilis Erotica
  • Publication type: podcast
  • Word count: 2,000–6,000 words
  • Payment: $25/story
  • Rights the publisher asks for: First rights to record your story for a podcast, plus the perennial right to distribute that podcast. You are free to publish your work elsewhere or record it for an audiobook.
  • Deadline: No deadline, but they are short on stories right now so you up your chances of being read quickly if you submit ASAP.
  • Response time: Usually within a few weeks.
  • Format: “Please submit the story in standard manuscript [format] in .rtf or .odt format. (Word will easily save as .rtf). Include name and email address in the beginning of the file. Do not copy the story into the text field of the submissions manager.”
  • Will they take simultaneous submissions? Yes.
  • Will they take multiple submissions? Yes; up to three stories at a time. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? Yes; in fact, the podcast prefers work that has been previously published in print.
  • Additional notes: They get a lot of fantasy and horror, so if you send them a good sci-fi piece, you’ll have an edge over the other genres.

Find more details at Green Submissions | Nobilis Erotica, and don’t forget to tell them you found their submission call here!

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