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PULP Literature is open to submissions for the month of April. They seek short stories and novellas up to 20,000 words that are entertaining, accessible, and genre-breaking. They pay professional and semi-professional rates depending on the length of the work.

Please note that they ask for donations to help pay first readers (the folks who go through the pile of submissions to figure out what to consider and what to pass on), but it’s not required. I don’t publish submission calls that require a submission fee.

Some more details, but be sure to go to their site to read everything:

We are looking for entertaining, accessible stories. We do appreciate clever and poetic turns of phrase, but first and foremost we want a story readers can sink into late at night before they go to bed. We want to stretch people’s minds, but not give them a headache.

We want a balance of serious and lighthearted stories. We receive so many brilliant but depressing stories that we must pass on all but the best gems. We strive for emotional balance in each of our issues, and want our readers to leave feeling challenged yet refreshed. …
We take all genres, not just pulp. Because our title says “Pulp” Literature, some authors assume we want guns and blood. The pulp in our title refers to cheap pulp paper, which we someday hope to use. We want our magazine to include a balance of all genres, including fantasy, romance, mystery, literary, etc. …

We want both plot and character. We like some action along with those intriguing personalities, and we want to see characters that grow and change throughout the story arc.
We have high standards. …

What we pay

We pay up to $0.07 per word for short stories (to 7000 words), up to $.05 per word between 7000 and 10000 words, and $0.035 per word for works over 10000 words. … We accept a limited number of reprints at rates up to 50% of first publication rates.


We purchase exclusive first world rights, print and digital, for a period of 120 days from the publishing date, after which all rights revert to the author.

Find out how to submit at Submission Guidelines | PULP Literature.


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