Submission call: Rattle wants literary poetry inspired by current events Due every Friday, pays $50

Rattle Magazine wants current events poetry its website. The editors write:

Every Sunday we publish one poem online that has been written about a current event that took place the previous week. This is an effort to show how poets react and interact to the world in real time, and to enter into the broader public discourse

Submitting to Rattle magazine

  • Publication: Rattle magazine
  • Publication type: online
  • Editor: Timothy Green
  • Word count: No line limit provided
  • Payment: $50
  • Rights the publisher asks for: First publication rights plus exclusive rights for one year after publication. Author retains copyright.
  • Deadline: Each Friday at midnight (for events occurring in the previous week
  • Publication date: The following Sunday
  • Response time: Within a week
  • Format: Not specified. Standard manuscript format is a good bet.
  • Will they take simultaneous submissions? Not specified.
  • Will they take multiple submissions? Yes, but include all in a single document. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? “…we won’t consider poems that have been published in books, magazines, or newspapers, in print or online. We will, however, consider poems that have only been self-published to blogs, message boards, or social media accounts.”.
  • Who to contact with questions:
  • Additional notes: Read previous poems in the series at

Find more details at Submissions | Rattle, and don’t forget to tell them you found their submission call here!

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