Submission call: Uruk Press wants short, erotic high fantasy stories - (Expired) Due Dec. 1, pays 1¢/word

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Uruk Press wants short stories for the upcoming anthology Sex & Sorcery 5. As far as genre goes, tories should be both erotica and high fantasy (or epic fantasy). That means they should be set in a fictional world with different rules of reality (for example, Lord of the Rings) rather than in the real world with fantastical elements added (e.g. Interview with the Vampire).The editors write:

We want erotic epic fantasy stories. Simple, right?
Erotic means sex must be integral to the story. Anything goes – from romance to hardcore – as long as it is sexy and consensual.
Epic fantasy means set in another world. No paranormal romance or anything set on Earth please. We love elves and orcs but we are particularly interested in unusual and original settings.
Stories means stories. We want characters; we want a beginning, a middle and an end; we want more than just a stroke scene.

Your can get more of an idea of what they like by checking out previous volumes of Sex & Sorcery and other Uruk Press titles.

Submitting to Sex & Sorcery 5

  • Publisher: Uruk Press
  • Publication: Sex & Sorcery 5
  • Publication type: anthology
  • Word count: 4,000–8,000 words; query for longer
  • Payment: 1¢/word
  • Rights the publisher asks for: Exclusive rights for two years and non-exclusive rights thereafter
  • Deadline: Dec. 1
  • Publication date: Not specified
  • Response time: Not specified
  • Format: A Microsoft Word document in 11pt Verdana with 1.15 line spacing, 6pt space after each paragraph (no line breaks between paragraphs), and first line indents of 1.5cm. Do not make indents using the tab function.
  • Will they take simultaneous submissions? Not specified.
  • Will they take multiple submissions? Not specified. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? Not specified.
  • Who to contact with questions:

Find more details at Sex & Sorcery 5 |Uruk Press, and don’t forget to tell them you found their submission call here!

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