Author Interview: Jessica Taylor

I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Licked, a wonderful pansexual anthology of short stories about oral sex edited by Jillian Boyd. One of the other writers to contribute to the anthology is Jessica Taylor, a versatile writer of erotic romance and literary fiction. Enjoy this short interview with her!

What’s your story about?

“Vapour, Venom, Oleander” is a historical erotica piece set in ancient Greece and is an exploration of the final prophecy of an oracle of the Temple of Aphrodite. Located just down the laurel lined lane of the Temple of Delphi, the oracles of Aphrodite tell prophecy through spit and spunk.

What made you want to write a story for Licked?

I think oral sex is brilliant. As soon as I heard about this anthology, I started pondering ways in which oral sex acts can have a double meaning or double function. In all of my writing, I aspire for the sexual encounters I write to have a transformative effect for my characters.

What was the inspiration behind your story?

At the time that I had started writing this piece, I had just fallen deeply in love with a new partner. Oddly, our pen/stage names both have the same last name. Anyway, I was extremely inspired by my massive new passion for him and our overwhelming new relationship energy. This story incorporated many of his totem and anthropomorphic facets.

When did you first become aware of oral sex being a thing people did?

I first became aware of oral sex in my middle teenage years. I remember discussing how to perform fellatio at like 14 and 15 years old. What’s the best oral sex scene you’ve ever read/seen (in any form of prose or film, not just erotica or pornography)? The best oral sex image I have ever seen was a photograph that Elle Chase had on Lady Cheeky. It was a man with his jacket, tie, and shirt on with his pants off standing on a bed with his back to a wooden headboard. Below him was a woman in her cotton nightie at his feet, staring up at him with love and passion, about to suck his bright, engorged cock. That photo is usually my oral sex writing inspiration, and it actually was what inspired my story “Mid-Life Career Changes” featured in Spy Games Anthology. I love the devotional and lustful expression of the two people in the photograph. They both know something is about to happen, some major dick is going to be sucked with great joy and enthusiasm.

Do you think oral sex, in all its forms, gets fair coverage in the media? Or do you feel it’s still something that people need to reconsider their attitudes about?

I think that oral sex needs more coverage of a deeper nature. There is a lot of information on the basics of giving oral sex. I would really like to see more advanced topics in oral sex for those of us that have the basics down.

Do you like incorporating variations of the act into your stories? Or was it something you wanted to try specifically for this anthology?

My stories always include oral sex. I think oral sex is epic. I want people to embrace all of the fluids, scents, textures, and nuances of the entire experience.

If you could ask your main character one question, what would it be?

I get the sense that you had a deep connection with Romulus. You dreamed of him and knew him before he even came to you. Is it sad that you won’t see him again? Is it sad that this was your only interaction?

What’s your favorite euphemism for oral sex, if you have one?

Suck. As in “I want to suck you off.” Or, “I have a list of dick sucks going that I am giving you as rewards for the good deeds you have done.”