How to Track Book Sales — Even When You’re Not the Publisher

Image of book pile to illustrate tracking book sales

In this article, I evaluate sales tracking systems that are free to any author with an ebook on Amazon, paying special attention to Pronoun and NovelRank. Why these two? I’ve used both of these for a while because they’re user-friendly and can be used by any author whether they self-publish their ebooks or work with a traditional publisher. I also touch on tracking sales of print books—a much more difficult endeavor.

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An author’s review of PayHip as a venue for selling ebooks

An overview of the PayHip platform for selling digital e-books directly to readers, with a look at its benefits and drawbacks compared to retailer ebook stores like Amazon. The platform is fairly easy to use, but it can be cumbersome to manage sales. It’s up to the author to decide whether the higher proceeds from each sale are worth the extra work. …Read more

Samhain is closing … again

It’s been a crazy two months, hasn’t it? Torquere, All Romance, and now Samhain closes. I’d been rooting for them to keep things going after they revamped last year. As a writer, the frustrating thing is not knowing what percentage of these closings are due to poor business acumen, and what are due to Amazon’s … Read more

All Romance closing Dec. 31

All Romance Ebooks logo

All Romance (, a romance publisher and an online distributor of romance and erotica, just made the announcement that it is closing in three days—Dec. 31, 2016. If you’ve bought from them before, log in and download your purchases, because you won’t be able to once the site goes dark. If you have credits there, … Read more

Torquere Press Is Closing

You can read the details at the Writer Beware Blog: Torquere Press Is Closing. I am in the process of getting the publishing rights to my eight Torquere-published stories back. Once that happens, I’ll be able to make them available again at my website and retailers.