Rainbow Railroad helps 35 gay and bisexual men escape Chechnya

Canadian charity Rainbow Railroad reports that it has helped 35 gay and bisexual Chechen men travel to parts of the world where they are safer. Earlier this year, the Chechen government began an organized campaign of persecution against gay and bisexual men, imprisoning more than a hundred and killing at least 26. … Read more

FAQ on Russian LGBT Network and gays in Chechnya

rainbow flag—photo by Benson Kua

This FAQ is a revised version of a post I wrote in April about the persecution and killing of gay men in Chechnya and efforts to help them. A message I received today reminded me that there’s still a lot of education to be done. The message was along the lines of “Russia is full of hackers and scammers, so we can’t trust things based in Russia. Therefore Westerners should only support Western charities.” If everyone followed that reasoning, we’d have 40 more dead gay Chechens on our hands right now.
… Read more

Heartbreaking Video Drives Home the Terror Faced by Gay Chechens

Image of actor in "Unchechen" videoplay

digitalSTAGE has created this heartbreaking short play, Unchechen, based on news reports and interviews with survivors of the attempted purge of homosexuals in Chechnya. It consists of monologues by a father and his son, who has been arrested on suspicion that he is gay. Watch it, then write a letter or sign a petition to express your concerns to Chechen and Russian authorities. … Read more

Toronto charity helping persecuted LGBTQ community in Chechnya | Globalnews.ca

According to Rainbow Railroad, there are 73 countries with anti-gay laws on the books. The Canadian charity is helping those who are being persecuted in Chechnya. “At the moment, people are fleeing Chechnya to a safer place but not an ideal place,” Kimahli Powell, executive director of Rainbow Railroad told Global News. … Read more

Toronto’s Rainbow Railroad Responds to Reports of a Gay Concentration Camp in Chechnya | Torontoist.com

Column by Kimahli Powell, executive director of Rainbow Railroad, explaining his group’s work with Chechens and other vulnerable LGBT folks around the globe. Rainbow Railroad will be partnering with the Russian LGBT Network to help people in Chechnya find safety. They will work together to identify people who need assistance, provide them with emotional and financial support, and ultimately provide the travel to a country where individuals can claim asylum. … Read more

Human Rights Group Hopes to Evacuate Gay Men From Chechnya | Advocate.com

The Advocate reports, “A Canadian human rights organization that assists LGBT people in escaping places where they face persecution is launching a campaign to help gay men get out of Chechnya, the semiautonomous Russian republic where at least 100 gay men have been arrested and detained recently.” … Read more