Rainbow Snippets: Six Lines of LGBTQ+ fiction from “Sucker for Love”

Two men embracing in bed.

Excerpt from Sucker for Love, a love story between two men told through three acts of oral intimacy. The narrator is Marcus, the child of a British and a German ex-pat living in the United States, and this scene takes place in college (that’s “university” to my UK friends), after Marcus develops a crush on the captain of his rowing team.. … Read more

Emmanuelle de Maupassant reviews “Sucker for Love” and Licked

Dale Cameron Lowry’s ‘Sucker for Love’ begins by musing humorously on the attraction of certain flavours of the body, and his early introduction to the notion of oral pleasure: I found out about oral sex for the first time like many children my age did: by listening to BBC World Service over breakfast… it was the … Read more