Talking about cultural clashes and amalgams with Anne Barwell

I had a lot of fun interviewing with Anne Barwell on her Drops of Ink blog. If you’ve ever wondered why I tend to include so many different languages and cultures into my stories, this part of the interview might give you some insight:

I had an international upbringing. My earliest memories are from living in Madrid, Spain, where I learned Spanish alongside the English I was learning from my parents, with some German tossed in by the Catholic nuns who ran my nursery school. I began writing for fun when I was a kid living in the Netherlands and needed something to do whenever it rained—which felt like five times a day. When I wasn’t making up stories, I was reading, fighting with my siblings, or practicing writing in Japanese, which some of my classmates were teaching me.

We also talked about Madagascar and what I’m currently reading. You can read the full interview here: Myths, Moon, and Mayhem Anthology | Drops of Ink.

Myths Moons and Mayhem bookcover

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