Escape into the story

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The author has a definite understanding of language and culture that added a wonderful tone to each of the stories. … I was so into the writing I was able to completely escape into almost every story.

A superb collection

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This is a superb collection of short stories set around the theme of men falling in love. … I particularly liked the diverse range of stories, from contemporary to fantasy, from sci-fi to menage. There’s something for all tastes here and the heat ratings span from fade to black to medium steam to smoking hot and … Read more

Every story is 5-star quality

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Every story is 5-star quality. Perfection. Beautiful. Romantic. All of these stories are those things and more. Some made me cry, some made me laugh and you can bet your bottom that I was smiling through almost every one of them. They may tackle tough issues, real challenges that relationships can face, but they do … Read more

Read and savor

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Heat to me was a force behind this collection of gay stories. I must say that … Lowry has quite an imagination and a way of weaving his imagination into stunning stories and in a collection one can pick and choose what interests him [sic]. The fact that they aren’t too many stories also helps … Read more

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Although a writer, I’m not an expert, but I couldn’t tell which stories were written first and that says a considerable amount about Dale’s writing ability and the great editing of the stories. … I do have my preferences and my favorites, but each story gave me a little something, a glimpse into what love can … Read more

A beautiful story

Just read a divine short story by Dale Cameron Lowry proving the theory that a story can be pure sweetness & still bring tears. …Read more

Well crafted

I enjoyed ‘Born of Fire’ immensely. The characters were well crafted … and I loved the way it combined so many elements from folklore and myth.