Visiting with Delilah Devlin

Thanks to Delilah Devlin for inviting me to her blog today to talk about Myths, Moons, and Mayhem. I talked about how different relationship dynamics can be from story to story even in an anthology where all of them adhere to a set theme—in this instance, paranormal gay ménage.

Just like there are many ways to be a romantic couple, there are also many ways to explore love and desire within a threesome. The writers of Myths, Moons, and Mayhem excel at showing the different permutations that these relationships can take.

In some of the stories, an established couple is struggling and needs the perspective of a third partner to draw them back together. …

In other tales, a single guy finds himself attracted to two different men at the same time and decides to seize the best of both worlds. …

And sometimes, desire builds in the background, as three characters confront a bigger problem together. That’s what happens in “The Secret of the Golden Cup” by Rebecca Buchanan, when a classics professor finds himself at the center of a magical war and a former student and a campus janitor run to his aid. The men weren’t looking for a new relationship—in fact, at the beginning of the story, Grover is avoiding relationships because he doesn’t see himself as good boyfriend material. But the pressure of the situation reveals the true heroism of each man, and they can’t help but want what they see.

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